Make Loyal Customers

Joe Girard broke a record of selling big ticket items (cars, houses, boats).
18 cars a day is his records. 13,000 cars sold in his career.

He was good at understanding that people buy from someone who they know, like, and trust.

He was big on sending greeting cards, he had staff to help him do that.

If he was in business today, he would not have to have staff for that.

All business people will tell you that sending greeting cards is a good thing, but they will point out that it is time consuming, expensive, etc.

Technology has changed all of that.

Automated greeting card system is as easy as sending an e-mail.

You can include a gift, like brownies, gift card.
The cards are really professional, they are cheaper.

Your clients don’t care that a computer based system sent them a card. All they care about is that you keep in touch with them and they will remember and like you. And when they need services you provide, they will choose you, not your competition.


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