Fundraising Opportunity

Imagine if you could raise funds and grow awareness for the organization you support by doing something you already do on a regular basis!

Fundraising With SendOutCards “Top 25”

 1.   No Clean-up!

2.   No event set-up!

3.   No need to ask for volunteers

4.   No requests for donations

5.   No collection/handling of money

6.   No left over items or inventory

7.   No need for storage space or inventory management

8.   No concern about inclement weather

9.   No need to deliver products

10. Minimal start-up cost

11. Eliminate concerns over Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) items

12. Year-round, 24/7, fundraising program that has a global reach!

13. Opportunity for a supporter(s) to become lifetime benefactors by sponsoring the
one-time start-up cost.

14. A super convenient time & money saver for your supporters.

15. A supporter relationship-strengthening vehicle for your organization.

16. Ability to build on your organization’s shared core value of “giving to give” philosophy.

17. An efficient, personalized appreciation marketing tool used to thank staff, donors,
volunteers, participants, vendors, etc.

18. SendOutCards is a “good will” ambassador.

19. With Subscription and Pay-As-You-Go options, your supporters can participate at a level that
fits their budget and meets their card sending and gift giving needs.

20. New products continuously being developed and launched, providing increased opportunity
to drive greater passive sustainable revenue

21. No Risk

22. No Brainer

23. No more running to the store or post office

24. No envelope sealing or stamp licking required

25. No calories!


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