My Story

Back in May 2010 I met Gilbert Nichols. We started dating. A couple of days after our first date I received a card from him with pictures of us together on our trip to Nantahala Forest in North Carolina and a very nice note. I did not think of the card itself much at the time – after all this is America, there are plenty of services available for any creative ideas people might have, right?

That was just the first card of many that he has sent to me since. Later Gilbert showed me how he creates those cards and mentioned, that this was a business opportunity.

I moved to USA in 2000 and even though I have a great job with a 401K, I will not have enough money in it when I retire because not enough years of work. So I decided to start my own SendOutCards business to make extra repeat income. I have a job that I love. Let me show you another way to look at $1,000.00 per month extra – it is like having $250,000.00 sitting in the bank generating interest for you – month after month after month. With SendOutCards you can do the same with 300 customers without having 1/4 of a million dollars in the bank!

Come aboard, build business with us.

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