Another Way to Win a Customer for Life

A limo driver (let’s call him Tim) googles a client he who he is supposed to pick up at the airport and take to a hotel where 1,300 sales reps gathered to listen to said client talk. Tim calls the client and tells him that he would pick him up at baggage claim C. At the airport our speaker – let’s call him John, goes to baggage claim C only to find out there is no one there holding a sign with his name. Instead a man walked straight up to him and asked: You are John, aren’t you?

On the way to the hotel Tim, the driver, interviewed his passenger, the motivational speaker John. So John got to talk about himself all the way to the hotel. When they arrived, John said that it was the best ride from the airport he had ever had in his life. To which Tim responded, that he wanted to win John’s business in the future, when John happens to visit Ft. Lauderdale again, and added, that he works for tips. Without any hesitation John put his bags down, pulled out his wallet and gave his driver a $10.00 bill. He also added, that he would make sure to call Tim up next time he travels to Ft. Lauderdale.

When I heard this true story, I was just blown away. Excellent service, creative way to win new clients. Did not cost Tim a dime either. Just go extra mile, and serve people who happen to use your services. Simple.

This is a great way to build your client base. I agree, it is not applicable to all type of businesses. But the attitude, the approach and taking interest in people who we serve determines success of a business, no doubt.

I have a method that is based on the same principle of a great customer service combined with low cost, but much more applicable for many businesses out there. Take a listen – this could be just what you were looking for.

We Have Your Card Framed And Hanging On Our Wall!!!

9StringT130118It was our 25 moths anniversary of being married yesterday. So went to listen to beautiful music (Russian, French, Latin, Spanish) played by our friend Angelina Reed-Galashenkova (domra).

A great night of enjoyment and seeing old friends again. David and Zhanna Cooper of Atlanta Balalaika Society were there as well. I am never surprised when people remember Gilbert, my husband – he is a hard to forget individual, charming and kind. If that does not impress people, then they remember him because he is 7′ tall. But actually, Zhanna Cooper remembered the card we sent to her and David after the 30th Anniversary of Atlanta Balalaika Society concert. She said ‘We have it framed, hanging on the wall!’

Did you ever hear something like that about any greeting card? That is why I love what I do – touching people’s lives in a very warm and personal way.