How to Shake Hands (Tool to Use for Profit)

So, we are still talking about Newtworking Aerobics, in terms of how (in what manner that is) we actually need to be doing things we need to be doing at networking events. To have people know and like you by making them comfortable around you.


There is unwritten rule about handshakes: if you shaking, you are standing. At a sit-down event the standing rule applies. If a person approaching you while you are sitting does not want to shake, there is no need to stand up.

Important handshake rule one: palm flat. All business handshakes use flat palm technique. No exceptions.

Important handshake rule two: thumbs web-to web. That means do not do dead fish (only fingers extended), nor limp wrist (handshake partner stops at their knuckles).

Important handshake rule three: you have to participate. Shaking hands is not a spectator sport. That means your fingers curl.

Your confident professional handshake will make an instant difference in how people will bring you into their conversations, because your handshake tells them about you.

A flat-palm, fingers-curled, three-shakes handshake is one of the tools you can use to remember other people’s names and help them remember yours.

Do not place any emphasis on how you think your hand feels to them – hot, cold, etc. Instead of apologizing for something you have little control over, place you attention on where you have total control: on what you say. You want this brand new acquaintance to remember your name, not your excuse.

Wendy Kinney talks in much more detail on handshakes in her book Networking Aerobics.

Say Your Name is the next tool for tomorrow.


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