These Are Tools. Use Them to Your Profit.

Methods to the Madness – Networking Aerobics continued.

Today was Labor Day. My additional day off, and Gilbert and I made it a true day off. We decided to go to Helen, GA because it is one of the places we visited together when we just started dating. Back in spring (it was an early one this year and it because hot quick) we decided to go tubing down Chattahoochee river up in Helen. Now the summer is gone and we still did not do it. So, tubing it is!

We called to find out if they still run the tubing this late in season, packed our stuff and off we went. Took 3 tubes (one of the staff thought that one will not be enough for Gil) and went to the launching site. This was my first time tubing, I cannot say that I was watching people to see how they actually got into tubes. I simply put my tube into the water, turned my back to it and fell into my tube butt first. It worked perfect.

Gil fastened two of his tubes together, held on to the handle of one of them and from what it looked like, wanted to put his knee into the tube. I suggested he goes butt first. He did not. The next thing I know Gil is falling into the water back first, his legs are up in the air, his head submerged in the water. ‘I am OK’ was the first thing he said once his head appeared out of the water. ‘Butt first. Got it.’ was the second thing he said. He got up, turned his back to his tube, and went down butt first. It worked perfect.

The same way, there are little tricks to how to do what you know you should do when you are meeting people at a networking mixer. The way you do those things has to make people like you. People like you, when you make them comfortable around you. That is your ticket to developing relationship with them and receiving referrals from them. Wendy Kinney’s book Networking Aerobics is a treasure box full of great tips on that.

Showing Confidence.

No matter what the etiquette tells us, at a networking event the person with the most confidence extends their hand first.

Showing confidence is one of the criteria for success.

Not being confident mind you, just showing confidence for 2 hours. You can do it.

Confident is: eye contact+straight shoulders+a smile. Confident = an answer to a question+a question back.

Confidence makes you appear comfortable. When you are comfortable people around you will relax. Just confidently walk up and offer a handshake.

Below is the rest of the topics I will expand on later:


Say Your Name.

A Little Conversation.

What Do You Do?

May I Have Your Card?

Future Planning.

The Introduction.

The Exit.

Follow Up.

Rinse and Repeat.


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