Networking Aerobics: 1. Get There

Why should you go to networking events?

I agree, just like a lot of other people, I don’t like them. I am a serious case of an introvert. I am comfortable that way.

Everybody there wants to sell something. Just like I do. But I keep hearing from the top earner of SendOutCards that he networks like crazy and he gets a lot of business out of it.

In her book Networking Aerobics (that Gil and I are learning from), Wendy Kinney gives a very interesting analogy.

She compares regular networking to working out at the gym. Here’s what she writes:

“Working out, this sweaty thing, this time consuming thing makes you more productive.

All the discipline involved, gym membership cost, personal trainer (may be), special shoes and clothes – it is all a part of what it takes to get results you want.

Networking is all that for your business. Networking takes time, and there are some costs. At the same time it brings focus, energy and new ideas.

Most important, when done properly it gives you the result you want: a presence in the business community, a steady stream of new clients, and referrals, so you have a business.

And, like exercise, networking can be uncomfortable, and when done wrong it can cause an injury.”

That’s why it is important to be prepared. Well, this will be covered tomorrow.


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