Non Profits Are Dealt a Winning Hand With SendOutCards

Let me give you a short recap of important points when it comes to building your non profit relationship with its sponsors all year round.

Cards themselves are an investment. They do bring more donations, which no doubt cover the cost.

There is even better news – when you choose SendOutCards service for your card sending needs, not only your greeting cards will be highly personalized, they will cost about 1/3 of store-bought cards, the company will stuff the envelopes, stamp them and put them in the mail for you.
This is just the beginning of benefits your non profit can reap from using SendOutCards.

When your non profit upgrades their SendOutCards account to distributor, and volunteers start signing up customers for the service, your non profit’s cards will be free, and commission will start generating more funds for your non profit.

This is truly a win-win, or, a winning hand in other words.

Click here to open a SendOutCards account for your non profit today.


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