Non Profits Need to Date Their Sponsors (ideas and best practices for consistent engagement with your supporters)

3. Ideas and best practices for consistent engagement with your supporters


Your first welcome card should come promptly after the triggering event (a donation, a newsletter subscription, etc.) happens. Create a communication calendar (like the one in SendOutCards account you might want to get) and reach out to your supporters on a consistent and regular basis. Some organizations find that sending one card every two months is effective, others prefer monthly cards.

Cost Effectiveness

Think about it this way – the cost of one card (with postage) is $1.38, your total per sponsor is $8.28 (6 cards) or $16.56 (12 cards) – this is not a huge investment into your relationship with your sponsor, but likelihood of donation amounts and frequency going up is very high.

Tell Your Story

It’s a proven fact that people are more likely to emotionally connect with and remember a story over a collection of facts. Think about a message you want your donors to receive and build a story around it. Sponsors relate to stories about specific people or animals, not statistics. Use your cards to paint a vivid picture that they will remember when it’s time to give. Instead of talking about how great *you* are, focus on sharing amazing stories about your donors, volunteers and beneficiaries.

Don’t Come on Too Strong

Are your cards all fundraising appeals, all the time? If you are only asking for money in your cards, our readers will likely tune you out. Balance your fundraising appeals with success stories, progress reports and other opportunities for supporters to get involved. Incorporate reader feedback, give supporters a chance to interact with your content and consider featuring ideas and stories from your audience.

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