Non Profits Need to Date Their Sponsors (How to create a welcome card campaign)

2. How to create a welcome card campaign

Card campaign is a series of 2-3 simple personal messages that your donor receives over the course of few first weeks of your introduction to them.

Use it to educate them about your organization, its programs, and ways to get involved and stay connected.

Executed thoughtfully, a card campaign can help you give new constituent relationships the personal attention they need before asking for donations to your organization.

Well planned card campaign will include:

Card #1.  A personal greeting from the voice of your organization that highlights the state of your organization and educates new constituents about what your organization does and the people or community you serve. Reinforce benefits and set expectations about what kind of communication your constituents will receive from your organization and how often.

Card #2. Outline specific ways your constituents can get involved. Mentioning upcoming events will give new constituents a chance to meet your staff in person and likely increase their level of involvement with your organization.

Card #3. Tell them about the ways they can connect with your staff through Facebook or Twitter. Do you post great videos? Include a QR code of your YouTube videos on the card – they can scan it with their smart phone and the video will play on their phone.

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Point 1. here (if you missed it)


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